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Benefits of our Tecnology

Our multimodal travel and logistics technology allows us to boost your business. With Ualabee you can:

Increase the time of use of your applications

Reduce technology costs

Increase installers retention

Improve the user experience

Increase loyalty to your users and customers

Reach new audiences

Make data-driven decisions

We provide access to hundreds of thousands of transport Data-Points in the main cities of Latin America, where millions of people move from one point to another daily.


We have designed a highly scalable service architecture to be able to map the different modes of transport and offer solutions to the public and private sectors. We constantly innovate to provide new tools:


Multimodal Trip-Planner, navigation, points of interest, information on routes, stations and schedules.


We offer transportation information under GTFS and GTFS-RT standards for companies, operators and governments.


Alerts feed in real time, vehicle positions, estimated times of arrival (ETA), traffic anomalies.

We are a benchmark in mobility and the only company in Latin America with advanced map technology and multimodal travel logistics, which allows us to offer a high quality service to any organization, startup or company.


Applications and uses of our technology.


Maps / Navigation

Accelerate the adoption of Mobility as a Service in your applications by integrating all transportation with us.


Super Apps / Marketplaces

Offer new services to improve the user experience and increase your transactions.


Tourism / Travel

Enhance your customers' experience by providing a complete experience in each city with door-to-door service.


MaaS / Micro-mobility

Scale your solutions at low cost and promote efficient, multimodal mobility on your platform.


Fintech / Digital Wallet

Promote the online recharge of cards and payment of tickets through the integration of our service.


Smartcities Projects

Let's promote sustainable development together by integrating technology to enhance our business models.