We share the way we think about our work

Many years have passed since we first decided to undertake, looking for a challenge that mobilizes us to wake up day by day and work for a better world.

We discovered through our own problems and pains, a place where there were much left to do: transport and urban mobility.

We found here a great challenge that joins many of the values that us, as founders, understood as key while thinking in a fair society. That’s why we encouraged ourselves to think big, believing that beyond mistakes, we could generate an outstanding positive impact in this world.

Cities are growing at higher rates than never, and the increase in the automotive sector is leaving severe trails in our planet that we must –because we are responsible and we have time yet– to resolve in a definitive way.

Efficient urban mobility is the fundamental element that cities have in order to grow in an orderly manner, reducing the environmental impact, and equalizing mobility conditions for all the people who live in them, thus promoting that cities become the productive center where hundreds of different activities converge, united by this backbone that represents public transport.


Become the leader mobility company in Latam by 2030, improving people commutes by collecting and enabling data between mobility stakeholders.

This dream in which we embark on is as beautiful as challenging, and for that reason and to face the complexity of this sector, from the outset we drew those guidelines that would allow us to grow in the face of the most adverse market conditions. The following exhibition is the way we see and think about our daily work.


People as the center

It will always be the reason that mobilizes Ualabee.

We put people at the center, inside and outside the organization. And we do not say it as a cliché: When we started, the first exercise we did among partners was to expose the values that each one believed were the basis for starting to work together. Something that seemed complicated between strangers was much faster than we thought.

From that moment on, we wanted each person at Ualabee to feel part of the startup, that they have the tools to grow, that they loved what they do and feel comfortable even in the most difficult moments. Before starting any kind of relationship, we make sure that person is in tune with our core values. Because for us this is the most important thing.

Our Values


Initiative for rapid growth

We are proactive, resolve conflicts, and make decisions, proposing improvements suitable for our roles, accepting the risk of mistakes, but always moving forward.


Commitment to objectives

Each member is responsible for their tasks and interactions with others, maintaining transparency in our actions to achieve corporate goals.

People centric

We lead with humanity, through debates, negotiations, and sincere exchanges, always respecting others with our actions both within and outside the organization.

Unstoppable spirit of improvement

We are passionate about what we do and how we do it, which is reflected in the continuously improving quality of the products and services we deliver.


We find ways to say "Yes"

We seek ways to progress and resolve conflicts in challenging times, external situations, or when facing unknown opportunities or challenges.

Creating long-term impact

We understand this as the social, environmental, and economic responsibility that guides the development and progress of our business, with the ability to endure over time.

Adding people better than ourselves

It does not matter if the people with whom we interact occupy a place in the office or help us from outside. We will always seek to meet people who empower us, who know more than we do. It is the way we have to make great leaps. As time goes by we understand how to expand the team and we are always looking for alliances and new players to be able to continue learning and get very far on the map.

There is something that we understand as key: This project will not be successful if those who work within do not feel successful.

Understanding that we are not considering success as money -although we need money and it is a very important part of the job- but as something that goes much further and it is the union of many condiments that makes us to be better people and better professionals every day.

We love our user community

Just as the title says: we love the Ualabee user community. We spent a long time learning how to interact with our users, and best of all, the learning will never have an end.

Ualabee was born from real problems, and the most valuable thing was understanding that we could all be part of the solution if, in a simple or intuitive way, we shared the inconveniences we had when moving around.
We see in the director with more experience or even in a person who is just starting out, how that curiosity in talking with our users has no limits and grows day by day. Because between questions, behavior analysis and the occasional joke in the office, we realize when we listen to them that new challenges and different ways of attacking the same problem continually arise in an urban environment that constantly experiences changes in its normal functioning.

Understanding those pains or frustrations makes us a unique project. We put the user at the center of each innovation, understanding as such one that adds value – regardless of whether it is a new technology or a simple function that takes a few hours of development – . Listening to them closely and helping them in their daily routine, allowed us to become a viral platform and increase the sense of belonging to our brand, continually experiencing this process that today allows us -full of pride- to visualize how Users themselves are the ones who moderate the content in real time and collaborate with each other before, during and after each trip.

Exponentials: more than just a concept

We love hearing experiences from other companies laying the foundations and organizing themselves to grow very fast in a short time. Perhaps the famous concept of “Startup” so named in our environment.

Wanting to be exponential implies working under certain principles that allow a solution to scale well beyond the place where it was born.

We are convinced that looking back and seeing all the years that we have been involved in this world, has prepared us for the moment that is coming, forging the bases and statutes for our growth. These are some of the concepts that we breathe in Ualabee and the “why” we are becoming a Startup with global projection:

Community and Followers We leverage our users to grow, as it is our very community and our followers that create the network effect to go viral and result in such high growth metrics.

Rapid cycle experiments We work with methodologies and techniques that allow us to constantly experiment in fast and short loops with controlled risks, thus being able to learn very quickly from the market.

Algorithms In each step we take, we add a little more intelligence to our “travel assistant”. And the idea is to continue on this path, taking advantage of the data so that our application is more and more precise and thus our users can receive timely information according to their particular interests.

Commitment There are people inside and outside the organization committed to Ualabee and the cause. We always look for the motivation so that the people who participate internally and all the actors of the community remain connected with the project and collaborate actively in its development.

Visible metrics Our metrics are visible to all of us who make Ualabee, and with them we can measure and understand if things are working, taking quick actions if something is not. Words like "active users", "stickiness", "retention" are for us the heart of the project and what we monitor every day.

Technology Without a doubt our strongest point that we are really passionate about. And that is why we have designed a highly scalable service architecture to map the different modes of transport, integrate data at low cost and thus grow our user community.

Continuous improvement

We are convinced that it is never good to think that one “does everything right”.

There is always place for improvement

This does not mean that we didn’t or do our best right now.
Every person and each organization has its own processes -in a startup like ours that is quite fast and changing- and this is giving us great learning experiences. Be it a concept, a skill we own, the usage of a tool, a spontaneous conversation or a heated debate, we are always receiving stimuli that make us -or at least trying to be- better as people and professionals.

This is the very case and it is what we like most about ourselves: every day we go home with something learnt and we know a little more than yesterday.

Freedom & Responsibility

For us it is very important that every one of us who are part of this project feels free and able to take decisions autonomously and could connect with other areas in the most effective way, being at the same time completely independent. 

As we said in our values, we would rather make mistakes doing instead of allowing the fear to block our path. We need to understand how our activities impact on the objectives and results that we propose at an organizational level, to be conscious about the grade of responsibility that each task implies.

The key objectives of every year and quarter are worked as cascades to keep everyone aligned to the vision, understanding how their activities impact in the most important milestones that we propose as a company. 


Thinking exponentially implies being very smart when it comes to carrying out a task. Sometimes we have to put on the “to do” chip, but most of the time we are thinking about how to do “less” and dedicating time to the automation of those daily routines. Connecting unconnected points is key for us to continue being pioneers at having scalable technologies and tools, reducing operative times and costs to the maximum.

Ualabee was always thought of as a global project and scalable to hundreds of cities.

That means that what we do and how we do it must be replicable.

The concept of automation is key because it is the only way we can grow at the rates that we propose.

Effective communication

Technology also allows us to manage effective communication between all of us.
We are dynamic, agile and we take advantage of many tools so that our work is also dynamic.

There is a fine line between effective communication and one that is not. The same goes by when we talk about an efficient methodology and one that is adding unnecessary bureaucracy. We are always adjusting every procedure according to the stage in front of us. We work in controlled frameworks and with clear objectives, but letting each work team find its own rules that allow us to meet these objectives. This does not mean that sometimes when we step on the accelerator we cannot destabilize some of the guidelines, but the good thing is that after those shocks, we find ourselves rethinking more efficient processes and we have always managed to maintain clarity when it comes to taking advantage of the methodologies and returning to good practices.

Improve ourselves everyday

We are building something very big.

We are not just talking about the product or the service. We refer to all those intangibles that happen every day in Ualabee that strengthen us and guide us towards the vision of the future, convincing us that everything is possible if we we overcome those obstacles that appear with resilience and learning.

We believe that in several years from now we will look back and understand it completely.

There is a need in Ualabee to leave a big mark in the cities where we are present and that will continue to be the motivation that leads us to improve ourselves day after day.