Our history

Proven track record

Jun 2015

Hello world

After some years of research and exited about the mobility world, we founded our first Startup "MiAutbus". This was the begining of a trip full of learning that carry us to work today in Smart Mobility solutions in Latin America.

Sep 2017

Founder Institute

A big milestone in our trip. We are within the top graduated companies of the Founder Institute, a Company Accelerator from Silicon Valley.

Nov 2017

Cognitive Challenge IBM

We took the First place in IBM Challenge, using our technology, bots and IA to build a Smart Mobility Assitant for blind people.

Ene 2019

Angel Investors

Our first private investment came from outstanding professionals and local references, convinced than Ualabee will become a main actor in the sustainable development of cities.

May 2019

Welcome to Ualabee!

With more than 5 year of experience in the mobility industry, we launched Ualabee on May, 2019, making our travel asistant the most complete mobility solution in Latin America.

May 2019

Sustainable & Secure Mobility Solution

We won the 1st prize for Sustainable and Safe Mobility from the Ministry of Transportation, closing a collaboration agreement to promote the use of sustainable vehicles in Argentina.

Jun 2019

Government Co-Investment

We were co-invested by the government in the "Mas Empresas" program promoted by "Agencia Córdoba Innovar y Emprender". This instance made possible Ualabee deployment in Argentina.

Sep 2019

BID & CIPPEC Support

We won the 1st prize in "Digital Entrepreneur" organized by CIPPEC and the IDB, participating in trainings at IAE and being part of the INCUTEX acceleration process. 

Oct 2019

NAVES 2nd place

Banco Macro and the Austral University recognized Ualabee in the NAVES 2019 Competition with 2nd place in the "Compañía Naciente" category. A great experience and a big contact network in the region.

Oct 2019

Buenos Aires City is deployed!

Schedules and routes of different modes of transportation are combined to provide the most efficient trip to our users. Available now in one of the largest cities in the world.

Dic 2019

Startup of the Year

We celebrate a great year by being the winners of the "Startup of the Year" organized by the most important business magazine in the interior of Argentina.

Mar 2020

New Countries

The Covid-19 paused our acquisition plans but allowed us to accelerate the technical deployment: Ualabee is now available in 5 Latin American countries preparing for our regionalization.

Jul 2020

Transit Manager

We developed our "Transit Manager" for Governments and Agencies. Ualabee became a Hub of  Mobility Servcices that provides solutions for both B2C and B2B industries.

Feb 2021

Google Maps

Ualabee provides schedules and routes to Google Maps platform, benefiting thousands of new users, pursuing our vision of democratizing access to transport information.

Abr 2021

Mobility Marketplace

We made a platform revamp by integrating a Marketplace where users can pay for their trip, reserve their passage, insure their urban trips or cover their personal objects.

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